A senior property lawyer will write a thorough written
report on your property,

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What is a Property report?

A property report is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information about a specific
property. It is typically prepared by professional property inspectors, surveyors, or real estate experts
and aims to provide an objective assessment of the property’s condition, value, and potential risks.

How it works?

Property document collection

Either hard copies or digital copies of all property documents are available.

Observation & Analysis

A full report will be evaluated and prepared by a senior property lawyer.

Comprehensive Consultation

Your phone meeting with a senior real estate attorney to go over your property report.


You will receive your thorough property verification report in 5 days.

Why property report?

Make sure there are no flaws in the real estate before you decide to buy a house or a plot of land. Investment in real estate requires a multi-step process. While making this important investment decision, several factors must be taken into account. The legal verification of property papers is one of the process’s key elements. This is the foundation for purchasing a real property, and you must proceed with extra caution since even a tiny error on your side might endanger your financial stability.

  1. A sound real estate investment
  2. No need to worry about a debt or a secret lawsuit on the property.
  3. Tranquility in the comfort of your own home.
  4. Transect with total assurance.

Property Report Process:

  1. Upoad/All of the documents on our site may be sent or picked up at your house.
  2. An experienced real estate lawyer’s thorough examination of all the paperwork. (They might need to read 200–300 pages for a thorough examination)
  3. Verifying property information against government records (if needed).
  4. Establishing a continuous paper trail for the property and locating any missing documents.
  5. Making a thorough verification report based on observations from a top real estate attorney.

After the report is prepared, you will be given a specific appointment time with the senior property lawyer, who will answer any of your questions and assist you in fully comprehending the report. Only five days have passed since then.

Service Description:

  1. A thorough study of the property paper.
  2. Search for a property title in government documents.
  3. The professional will also do a thorough web search on the property.
  4. All property papers will be compared to records.
  5. The expert will go over every document to see if there are any outstanding loans or financial obligations.
  6. Obtain a thorough documented legal report on your home.
  7. Vernacular language documents are accepted.
(This cost is for one house, apartment, or plot. You can get in touch with us for a personalized price quotation for a larger land parcel.)

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Tentative delivery of property report on
6 days next date if order today Before 9:00 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways we can gather the paperwork.

  1. After using the website to make a payment, you may upload the papers.
  2. The documents can be picked up locally from your home under our arrangement.

Purchase the property report, reserve your time, and share the papers with us.

The procedure will move more quickly if you share the remaining paperwork with the lawyer while you may still prepare your other documents.

    It normally takes 5 working days for the final report.

With every title search purchase, JusticeJockey will credit your account with 60 minutes of consulting time. You have an option in how you use your consultation minutes.

 JusticeJockey has a presence in more than … cities in Pakistan. All all States and Major cities are covered. You can always call on 092 00 00 00 0 to check with us.

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service