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What is Property Registration?

Property registration in Pakistan is a crucial step in safeguarding your real estate investments and establishing legal ownership. Our online law service is here to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the property registration process in Pakistan.

How it works?

Property Document Collection

Either hard copies or digital copies of all property documents are available.

Observation & Analysis

A full report will be evaluated and prepared by a senior property lawyer.

Comprehensive Consultation

Your phone meeting with a senior real estate attorney to go over your property report.


You will receive your thorough property verification report in 5 days.

What all property documents do I need to register ? (This is a tentative list)

  1. Estimation of the property value.
  2. Sale deed
  3. Payment of the stamp duty & registration charges.
  4. Approach the Sub-Registrar for registration.
  5. Documents submission.
  6. Other documents as per the local requirements. 

What is the Procedure for Property Registration?

  • Verification of Property: Before initiating the registration process, it is essential to verify the property’s ownership and ensure that there are no legal disputes or encumbrances associated with it. This can be done by conducting a thorough search at the relevant government office or through a professional property lawyer.
    Preparation of Documents: Once the property’s ownership is confirmed, the next step is to gather the necessary documents for registration. This typically includes the original sale deed, previous transfer documents, national identity cards of the buyer and seller, and other relevant supporting documents.
    Payment of Stamp Duty: The buyer is required to pay the applicable stamp duty, which is a percentage of the property’s value, to the relevant government authority. The stamp duty payment is crucial for the validity of the registration process.
    Preparation of Sale Deed: The sale deed is prepared, which is a legal document outlining the terms and conditions of the property transfer. It includes details of the buyer, seller, property description, purchase price, and other relevant information. The sale deed is typically prepared by a lawyer or a property registration expert.
    Execution of Sale Deed: The buyer and seller, along with two witnesses, need to sign the sale deed in the presence of a Sub-Registrar or a Registrar of the concerned area. This is usually done at the local Sub-Registrar office.
    Registration and Mutation: The signed sale deed is submitted to the Sub-Registrar office for registration. The registration process involves the verification of documents, payment of registration fees, and entry of the property’s details in the official records. Once the property is registered, a copy of the registered document is provided to the buyer as proof of ownership.
    Mutation in Revenue Records: After registration, it is important to ensure that the property’s ownership details are updated in the revenue records. This process, known as mutation, involves submitting the registered document and relevant information to the local revenue office for the necessary changes to be made in the land records.
    It is important to note that the property registration procedure may vary slightly depending on the specific location within Pakistan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The estimated time depends on the sub-registrar office and the volume of property registrations handled by that office. Generally, it takes 3 to 7 days for lawyers to schedule property meetings with the neighborhood sub registrar’s office after you submit your paperwork to JusticeJockey.

No, you should pay the stamp duty individually. A lawyer will assist you in getting it.

A JusticeJockey will make appointments and handle other procedures, but you must be in person at the sub registrar’s office on the day of your registration appointment.

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service