LegalCare Gold

Introducing Legal Care Gold, the ultimate legal solution for small businesses. Gain peace of mind and unlimited access to 30-minute consultations with experienced lawyers who specialize in business law. Get expert guidance on contracts, employment matters, compliance, and more. Plus, unlock a treasure trove of dozens of document templates tailored to your business needs. Don’t let legal hurdles hold you back—empower your business with Legal Care Gold today!


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Choose Between 6-Month Plan Or 12- Month Plan

Choose between our 6 month plan or one year plan, 6 month plan costs as little as PKR 5990 a month.

Choose our 12-month plan for long-term legal support at an unbeatable value. For just 4990 PKR a month, you’ll receive the same exceptional benefits as the 6-month plan, but at a reduced monthly cost. Secure your legal protection and save more with our affordable 12-month plan. Don’t wait—sign up today and enjoy uninterrupted access to legal expertise and document templates for your business.


LegalCare Gold Plan For Private Persons

Introducing LegalCare Gold, your personal legal guardian at an unbeatable value. With our affordable monthly plans, starting at just 3,990 PKR for 12 months or 4,990 PKR for 6 months, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to legal expertise, tailored advice, and a wide range of document templates. From family matters to personal legal concerns, LegalCare Gold has you covered. Protect your rights, navigate legal complexities, and secure peace of mind with LegalCare Gold by your side. Don’t delay—take control of your legal well-being today!